SSL GROUP HR Activities

Employees Motivation

Performance/Production based incentive:

We are encouraging employees by providing incentives during crushing days based on work performance and production during the year.

Inter-State Tour program:

For creative happiness among the employees and their family members, we are conducting inter-state tour for all level of employees. During the tour employees will stay in reputed hotels and daily allowances will be paid to the employees.

Health & Safety:

SSL providing their people a healthy & safe working atmosphere by taking best health & safety measures. Provided personal protective equipments to all employees.

Annual Cleaning activities:

Every year at the beginning of cane crushing season and at the end of cane crushing season cleaning day will be conducted.

National Safety Day Celebration:

we are celebrating 4th March every year as safety day in our all units. This day we are organizing various awareness program and contest of best presentation and best safety slogan etc.

Health checks-up camps:

The group has set up own well equipped dispensaries in our all units. We are organizing every year various health check up camps for our employees, their families and farmers under expert senior medical officers of renowned hospitals.


The group has provided transportation facility to all levels of employees in all units of the group.

Employees Canteen:

The group has set up of well equipped canteens in all units and providing foods in concessional rates.


For higher treatment of the employees group has own ambulances in all units.

Employees Group Insurance:

The group has insured all employees under group insurance policy. In addition to the group insurance group is paying premium of PMSBY and PMJJBY.

Employee`s Grievance Handling

Grievance redressal:

We have grievance boxes in all units, and we are organizing meeting of employees with unit heads where an employee can express his problem openly than we take necessary steps to solve the problem.

Regular Counseling:

We are keeping regular counseling with all level of employees to maintain good industrial relations between employee and employee and employer and employee.

Employees Growth and Development

Employees Higher Education program:

Every year during off season we recommend our employees for higher education. Many employees have obtained higher education in Sugar Technology and Alcohol Technology.

In house training program:

Every year in off season we are organizing various in house training programmes as per need of employees as well as of organization.

Soft Skill Development training program:

From time to time we are organizing Soft skill development trainings for our people of management cadre to develop their skill as per organization needs.

Inter unit interaction programme:

Every year in off season we are sending our plant teams to other units to share their problems/suggestions experienced during season and to find out their solutions.

Recommendations for Seminar/Training program:

We recommend our people to attend some important seminars/training and development programs organized by some reputed organizations outside the factory as per our need. Such program helps individual for his growth and also benefited the organization. Invitation for outside faculties: As per our requirement we are also inviting some reputed faculties/consultants to conduct training program in our units.

Environment Protection:

SSL believes in Clean and Green Environment. We are organizing awareness programme and a seminar on environment protection on eve of world environment day on 5th June every year. Besides seminar we are organizing some children programme like essay competitions, debate etc on the subjects like global warming and environment protection from various type of pollutions. We distributed Plants for our employees.