SSL – A company with a higher purpose

Vision and Goal

Presently, SSL is implementing several projects aimed at social reform and providing impetus to cultural and sports activities in the Gokak region. It has set the goal of achieving a turnover of Rs. 1,000 crore by 2020 and joining the league of prestigious and role model companies. SSL also has an ingrained objective of spending a part of its net profit for social welfare, education, health, culture, sports and other socially-oriented activities.


  • To produce and sell good quality sugar at competitive price
  • To strive for the welfare of farmers, buyers, sellers and staff
  • To conduct all business affairs in an ethical way conforming to laid down rules
  • To reach higher position in sugar industry and sustain that position

Community Orientation

The cardinal objective of Satish Sugars Ltd. goes beyond making profits and encompasses all round development of the society.

SSL, which was formed with this singular objective of serving the society through economic success, has today grown into a group of companies that stands as a stellar example for great vision and an inspiration for the youth. Along with economic success, it is also embodying a big hope for the people living in the surrounding regions.

Shri Satish Jarkiholi, the founder chairman of the group’s companies, has become successful in creating several economic avenues through his deep-rooted commitment for the causes he believes in.

SSL’s goals such as community development and employment generation form the keystone of its existence. In pursuance of its vision, the company has generated over 2,500 direct and 20,000 indirect jobs.

Satish Sugars Ltd. has engaged in diverse areas of activities such as education, sugar production, agriculture research, organic farming and community development. The company has received encouraging response from the community for its every initiative. Buoyed by this overwhelming response, SSL has been charting plans to implement several projects in the future.

Super-speciality hospital, medical college, sports academy, cultural academy and super market are some of the projects planned. Most of these projects are community centric entailing the objective of creating a vibrant community environment in Gokak.

Achievements & Milestones

SSL has the distinction of expanding its processing capacity to 4000 TCD in a record time of 9 months in 2006.

During the sugarcane crushing season in 2014-15, SSL crushed around 10,500 tonnes of sugarcane on an average per day, crushed a total of 15.72 lakh tonnes during the entire season, achieved 11.23% sugar recovery and produced 1,76,567 metric tonnes of sugar. Thus, by crushing the highest volume of sugarcane and recovering the highest percentage of sugar in 2014-15, the company stood 2nd in the State and 1st in the district.

SSL commissioned and executed a distillery project within a record time of 6 months (from ground breaking ceremony to production of rectified spirit).

By expanding the production capacity of distillery unit to 60 KLPD, making effective utilization of molasses, a by-product of sugar, producing ethanol and selling ethanol through OMC tender, SSL has demonstrated its ingenious skills in productivity and fund management.

SSL has set a new example in the recycling of sugarcane waste by reusing sugarcane waste (recycling bagasse) subsequent to power production at its 31 MW capacity cogeneration unit.

SSL has set a target to expand its production capacity to an annual crushing of 25 lakh tonnes of sugarcane in the coming years. SSL has established a new sugar plant at Hudali through its subsidiary, Belgaum Sugars Pvt. Ltd., in a record time of 11 months.

Management Team

  • Shri Pradeepkumar M Indi Chairman and CFO
  • Shri Siddartha Wadennavar Managing Director
  • Shri L R Karagi VP (Sugar)
  • Shri P D Hiremath VP (Distillery)
  • Shri Dilip Pawar GM (Finance) & CS
  • Shri Jayapala Desai GM (Process)
  • Shri Ajibsingh G Rana GM (Technical)
  • Shri Veeru M Talawar GM (Engineering)
  • Shri Appasaheba D Janaj GM (Manufacturing)
  • Shri M B Sasalatti AGM (Cane)
  • Shri Ashok Halakarni AGM (Admin & HR)
  • Shri Subhash Kotagi AGM (Civil)