Satish Sugars Limited – A Trailblazer of Sorts

The state of Karnataka, which has ideal climatic conditions for the growth of sugarcane, stands third in the entire country in sugarcane and sugar production. For the last several years, it has made an impressive growth in regard to establishment and performance of sugar factories, sugarcane production and research in sugar industry.

During the year 2015-16, Karnataka has produced 376.65 lakh tonnes of sugarcane. Out of the 63 sugar factories in Karnataka, the north Karnataka region has a higher share.

New research and development activities are needed for improvement in sugar cultivation and progress of factories. Establishment of more factories and capacity enhancement of existing factories play a vital role in the development of a region and its communities.

In North Karnataka, sugar factories are playing a pivotal role in ushering in economic prosperity. Satish Sugars Ltd., a Gokak based company and a trailblazer of sorts, is in the forefront of this transformation.

The main plant of Satish Sugars Ltd. is located in the area of Hunshyal (P.G.) in the jurisdiction of Gokak taluka, Belagavi district, over an area of 150 acres. The company has a sugar production unit, a cogeneration unit and a distillery unit.

The factory was initially started as a Khandasari unit (a type of sugar manufacturing unit where sugar is produced by open pan process) with a processing capacity of 100 TCD (Tonnes Crushed per Day). In 2004-05, upon consideration of factors such as financial feasibility, efficiency and higher return on investment, the company chose to adopt Vacuum Pan Technology. The reformed plant had an initial processing capacity of 1250 TCD (tonnes crushed per day). The factory was named as Gokak Power Distillery and Sugars Pvt. Ltd. and thus, a new name was added to the list of major sugar producers in the North Karnataka region.

Operations were immediately started on a pilot basis and a volume of 51,406 tonnes of sugarcane was crushed in 2004-05. The company did a business of Rs.9.23 crore, earned a net profit of Rs. 1.76 crore and thus began its operations on a winning note.

The company was renamed as Satish Sugars Ltd. on January 10, 2006. A target was set to crush 2 lakh tonnes of sugarcane during the sugarcane crushing season of 2005-06. The company hit the mark, did a turnover of Rs. 18.27 crore and made a net profit of Rs. 1.98 crore.