Message from the Managing Director

Dear Stakeholders,
Satish Sugars Ltd. echoes the aspirations of millions of rural Indians. It was established in a small taluk by Shri Satish Jarkiholi, a first generation entrepreneur and visionary leader. The spark was simple; his steadfast commitment for societal development. Satish Sugars Ltd. was born when he hit upon the idea of using employment generation as a tool for social transformation.

Few companies in India have made so many giant strides in such a short span of time like Satish Sugars Ltd. The Company has leapfrogged from a processing capacity of less than 100 TCD to 10000 TCD in a matter of sixteen years. It has also built a distillery unit with 60 KLPD and a cogeneration unit with a capacity of 31 MW. SSL is launching on the cusp of launching two more sugar factories with a combined capacity of 7000 TCD. Efforts are also on to increase the processing capacity of the existing plant to 15000 TCD. The story is inspiring enough for any rural Indian to take the path of entrepreneurship.

The company has remained farmer-centric right from its inception. We have taken steps to give every support to the farmers. Our measures such as providing loans for  purchase of seeds and fertilizers, technical guidance and training, etc. have been appreciated by the farming community. Besides farmers, we are also committed to deliver long term and sustainable value to our staff, customers and shareholders.

The company is built on the bedrock of quality and performance and social and ethical values. We aim to inculcate these values in our workforce too. At Satish Sugars, commitment and performance are suitably rewarded. Most of the today’s top managers have grown with the company.

I believe Satish Sugars Ltd. will reach many more new milestones in the future both  in terms of growth as well as  responsibility towards the society.

Yours truly,
Ms. Priyanka Jarkiholi
Managing Director