A Man of uncommon Grit and Determination

Shri Satish L Jarkiholi, who hails from Gokak, was initially involved in agriculture and social reform. He rose to become a shining example of corporate success stories through sheer grit and dedication. Inspite of his success in the corporate sector, he has continued to serve the society through institutions such as Nayak Student Federation, Satish Sugars Academy and several other institutions.

Shri Jarkiholi represents Yamakanamaradi constituency in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly and has served in the incumbent government as the Minister for Excise, Minister for Small Industries and Belagavi District In-charge Minister. He has also served as the Director of Ghataprabha Cooperative Sugar Factory, the Karnataka State Federation of Co-operative Sugar Factories Ltd. and Belagavi District Central Co-Operative Bank. When Janata Dal (S) was in power, he held the portfolio of textiles as a minister.

As the founder of SSL and other subsidiaries, he has created over 2,500 direct jobs and over 20,000 indirect jobs.

Shri Jarkiholi holds the belief that only education can take a society forward and it is the foundation for creating peace, content and social harmony. He has provided educational opportunities for thousands of poor children and helped them to become self-reliant.

Shri Jarkiholi has been organizing Satish Sugars Awards for the last 15 years in Gokak taluk. ‘Efforts Are Yours, Encouragement Is Ours,’ is the tagline of this programme. Under this programme, various sports and cultural competitions are organized for school and college children at taluk, district, state and national levels. Shri Jarkiholi, by honouring the winners of these competitions with generous cash prizes and trophies, is instilling in thousands of children a desire to excel and striving for their all round development.

Shri Jarkiholi is a unique and determined person. A staunch campaigner against superstition, he spends a night every year in a cremation ground to uproot superstition from the minds of the people. He has been striving to propagate the ideals of Buddha, Basava and Ambedkar for the creation of an equal society. He has also been making efforts for preserving the values enshrined in the constitution of India and putting to good use the inner strength of the state’s litterateurs and artists by creating a platform called ‘Human Relationship Forum’.

Shri Jarkiholi is one of the very few backward class leaders, who have a special concern for the poor and oppressed community. Recently, when Belagavi district was hit by drought, SSL spent around Rs. 50 lakh for the supply of drinking water through tankers. With such measures of lending a hand to people and livestock during their times of distress, Shri Jarkiholi has revealed his generous heart and concern for the society.

Shri Jarkiholi believes in the adages, ‘Speak Less, Do More’ and ‘Enemies Are Your Good Friends.’ He has won the confidence of people through his work and shown his large heartedness by ensuring that quality education and employment opportunities are provided to the poor and the village people. In spite of his widespread initiatives, fame and popularity, he has stayed away from pomp and pedantry and has been practicing a simple life.