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Sugar Division

Satish Sugars Ltd. was initially set up as a Khandsari Unit in 2000-01. In 2004-05, the unit adopted Vacuum Pan Technology keeping in view its economic viability, efficiency and higher return on investment. The initial capacity of the reformed unit was 1250 TCD. Later during the year 2006 - 07 SSL has carried out a major substantial expansion of the sugar unit up to 4000TCD in a record time of 8 months, the unit was further expanded to 7500 TCD in 2009-10 and again up to 10,000 TCD in 2012-13.

SSL is planning to distribute seeds and fertilizers to needy farmers on credit & adjust it in their cane bill. This way, it wants to develop more than 10,000 acres of land in 2014-15 and additional 10,000 acres in 2015-16 under the Registered Cane Area programme. Company has got support from SDF for financing cane development activity.

Satish Sugars Ltd. is arduously working for the development of sugarcane cultivators. It regularly sponsors the visit of farmers to various State and National level agriculture fairs and organizes seminars and workshops on improved methods of sugarcane cultivation. Free training on scientific farming to children and encouragement to students with special talent in areas of education, culture and sports are other prominent social development activities undertaken by the company.

Company is setting its own records for establishments of various projects. Company is aiming to expand up cogeneration up to a 67MW and Sugar Plant capacity up to 15,000 TCD. Company also plans to expand distillery capacity up to 120KLPD.

Focus on Quality

At every stage from growing sugarcane to production of sugar, SSL ensures that quality reigns supreme. The Company has the singular objective of bringing down mistakes at every level of operation and working towards continuous improvement in quality.






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